Akbar Arghandiwal (CEO , Synergy Solutions) &
Yousuf Dawran (CEO, Pace Group of Companies)

KABUL – 7, NOVEMBER 2016 / 03:00 PM

Akbar Arghandiwal (CEO, Synergy Solutions) &
Yousuf Dawran (CEO,Pace Group of Companies)

In this event, Startup Grind Afghanistan hosted two speakers, on one side we had a young, talented, home-grown entrepreneur who thrives on challenges today and very proud of the challenges he had faced to overcome obstacles to get where he is, YOusuf DAwran; and on the other hand, an experienced, seasoned, western trained and educated manager whose method of management is to act as a coach, mentor, and encourage individuals to take risk and make things happen, Akbar Arghandiwal.

They both understand and have lived through years of hard work and understand that nothing comes easy and that there is no such thing as luck per se, when you try to develop your company, when you develop your core management, and when you develop your vision, mission and value by which you operate your business.


Event Wrap up

Soon it will be here!

Soon it will be here!

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Ahmad Fahim Didar is the founder and Executive Director of Aghaez Professional Services Company, he is one of the few people in country whose academic and professional background combines the expertise of both business and information technology. With MBA Degree in Information System and 14 years of professional experience; Mr. Didar has worked with different National and International, Government and Private sector organization in higher executive capacities. Mr. Didar has been involved in setting up number of startups companies and has launched number of international brands in Afghanistan.

Mr. Didar is also director of silicon valley based Startup Grind in Afghanistan; and his company Aghaez Professional Services manages the events of Startup Grind in Afghanistan. Most Startup Grind events in Afghanistan are being moderated by Mr. Didar.

Ahmad Fahim Didar



Few of awesome attendees

Zamarialai Wafa
Zamarialai WafaCOO, Netlinks
Sonia Iqbal
Sonia IqbalCEO, Pahna Group
Ajmal Ayan
Ajmal AyanVice President, Afghan Telecom Corporation
Obaidullah Ibrahimi
Obaidullah IbrahimiCEO, Smart System
Abeer Hamza
Abeer HamzaMarketing Manager, AIB
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