(FOUNDER, Farah Farhat Faizi Agricultural Products Production Company )

KABUL – 25, MAY 2017 / 03:00 PM


Kobra Dastgirzada is one of the most inspirational entrepreneurs of current times in Afghanistan. Kobra Dastgirzada started a business after she got the idea of establishing a female fitness club in 2005, but it was a new phenomenon in Afghan culture and was not welcomed; while people were unsupportive of Kobra in her idea, she resisted and finally made women fitness an accepted culture in Afghanistan. Ms. Kobra is also the founder of the female driving school in Afghanistan which also faced many cultural barriers, but she managed to not only make this startup a success but also opened the door for a number of other driving schools to accept female students.

Ms. Kobra’s foundings include Farah Farhat Faizi Agricultural Products Production Company, newly initiated production of Dried Soup Materials which is the first company in this industry in Afghanistan. Beside that straw woven basket is another initiation of Kobra.

Since 2015 Kobra is leading community council in urban district 11 of Kabul city. This community council is established to help more than 3000 women of the 11 district of Kabul city with different skills and income generation activities. Kobra led PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS®NETWORK for 2 years with lots of achievements.

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Ahmad Fahim Didar is the founder and Executive Director of Aghaez Professional Services Company, he is one of the few people in country whose academic and professional background combines the expertise of both business and information technology. With MBA Degree in Information System and 14 years of professional experience; Mr. Didar has worked with different National and International, Government and Private sector organization in higher executive capacities. Mr. Didar has been involved in setting up number of startups companies and has launched number of international brands in Afghanistan.

Mr. Didar is also director of silicon valley based Startup Grind in Afghanistan; and his company Aghaez Professional Services manages the events of Startup Grind in Afghanistan. Most Startup Grind events in Afghanistan are being moderated by Mr. Didar.

Ahmad Fahim Didar


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